About Us

On Sept. 20, 2007 the Friends of the Log Cabins Association (FLC) was formed, when concerned citizens learned that the Quincy Park District was, upon request of original documented owners, returning the Log Cabins located on Quinsippi Island, to them. This was happening because the Log Cabin Village was no longer being utilized and the structures were deteriorating.

The FLC association was established with the mission to "restore, preserve, and promote the utilization of the Log Cabins and other historic structures" currently referred to as the "Adams Landing - Historic Re-creation Military Tract" now property of the Quincy Park District. Workdays have been accomplished and more are planned. Members, volunteers & supporters are needed to help with restoration or help raise funds or help promote activities and events in the village.
The Association had a professional restorer assess the Log structures and he recommended all structures be disassembled, new foundations built, each log restored and/or replaced, and then the structure be reassembled. Since then, one Log Cabin has been completely restored and another is in the works. Total cost if all work is hired would be over $250,000.

To raise the needed monies, the FLC obtained 501c3 designation and is listed as an Illinois Charity. An active fundraising program has been established. If interested in donating, send a tax deductible donation to Friends of the Log Cabins, P.O. Box 3122, Quincy, IL 62305.
Restore, Preserve, and Utilize the Lincon era Log Cabin Village for future generations.
      Friends of the Log Cabins Association Board:John Gebhardt/President, Joseph Newkirk/Vice President, Ron Eberle/Treasurer, Betty Gebhardt/Secretary, Art O'Quinn, Randall Egdorf, Terry Mitten, Dick Hopkins, Dan Conboy, Tom and Terry Bordewick.

        Contact can be made by emailing: logcabinvillage@gmail.com or message us on our
FLC Facebook Page