Events, Tours and Etc.

The Friends of the Log Cabins Association sponsors Open Houses, Tours and Events to encourage people to visit the Log Cabin Village and to utilize this great resource. School Groups and Senior Citizens have visited the site with members of the Friends Group providing personal tours of the structures along with some of the history behind each structure. Every structure in the village dates to the 1800's and was moved to this site from various locations in Adams and Pike County.

The Log Church can be reserved for small weddings, marriage vow renewals, or unique meetings. Large weddings can be held in front of the Church with the Log Cabin Village as a backdrop. A Shelter House nearby needs to be reserved to insure adequate parking is available. Call 217-223-7703 to reserve a shelter house. Contact the Friends, via the Park District Office or email them at to coordinate use of the village.
To schedule a tour contact the Friends of the Log Cabins by calling 1-800-978-4748 or emailing the group via, or or writing the Friends of the Log Cabins, P.O. Box 3122, Quincy, IL 62305.

                           Frontier Settlement Day
An annual Frontier Settlement Day is held the second Saturday in September providing visitors the opportunity to experience what life in the village would have been like in the 1800's. Many people show up in period costume, along with those who are participating in the event. Last year there were simultaneous activities including: Rev. Asa Turner, a Presbyterian minister in 1830, gave talks about religious life in the 1830's and performed a frontier wedding; Blacksmiths created tools used in the 1800's; Kids made crafts of 1800's; Talks on Herbs growing in Village Garden; Master wool spinner demo; Woodworking; Demonstrations on how school was taught in the 1800's; a petting area with farm animals; and Pioneer games and crafts were available for children to learn how children in the 1800's occupied their time without cell phones, laptops, IPads, etc.. The event runs from 11 AM to 4 PM with food available.
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